Aug 29, 2005

Jesse Tack News and Views

Two women from Iowa were threatened with car-jacking as two black men demanded the women get out of their car at the recent Kenny Chesney concert. There is a $2,000 award for information that leads to the suspects and explains why two black men were at a Kenny Chesney concert.

Time Warner Cable Kansas City is now by encouraging parents to gain control of what their kids are watching on TV. Sometimes, all it takes is a little mind-game.
Step 1: Hide the remote. Repeat if necessary.

The Kansas State Fair is offering a free marriage ceremony this year. Organizers say it will be a first-class event complete with formal wear, carnival rides, and free food. Mustard stain on bride's dress* is optional.
*Mustard stain can be substituted by any of the following condiments: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, or relish.

Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast. Katrina and The Waves leave New Orleans under water, not walking on sunshine.

Experts are predicting the Chiefs record to be 13-3 again this year. 13 convictions and 3 arrests otheirer police record.

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