Aug 28, 2005

The Conspiracy Party

What is a Conspiracy Party?
A woman known as webfairy, came up with the idea of a party where people can sample food, drinks, and conspiracy theories. These parties are a great way to meet people who enjoy a difference of opinion. In addition, these parties spread information about what is happening in our world, and that could lead to more responsible voters.

Sample Flyers For Your Own Party
A flyer to "Go Where Michael Moore Will Never Take You":
One-page Flyer, PDF file, 186 kb, color
2 per page (cut page in half), PDF file, 128 kb, color
2 per page , PDF file, 99 kb, black & white
A party about the 9-11 attack and offers wine tasting:
Wine and Conspiracy Tasting For 9-11, PDF file, 86 kb
A party without wine, and has a variety of conspiracies:
Variety Conspiracy Party, PDF file, 109 kb
A flyer with Sheeple and their Pied Piper:
Conspiracy Party and Sheeple, PDF file, 103 kb

PDF Documents for a Conspiracy Party
You need books, videos, or some material about conspiracies for your party. If you don't have much, I made the following document for you to print. You can let your guests pass it around. It will print on standard sheets of paper, and the fonts are large enough for even the ordinary ink jet printers.

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