Feb 28, 2011

How To Choose A DJ For Your Wedding

There are hundreds of wedding disc jockeys in Kansas City! But how do you find the wedding disc jockey that's perfect for you? What DJ equipment should they be using? What should you have included in your contract? Many tips on this page are only our opinion, you must choose what you feel is right for your wedding and style.

Choosing your wedding DJ is the best part of your wedding preparations. You get to meet a lot of wedding industry people who are generally nice, outgoing, and personable. A good wedding DJ is cheaper than a band or anything else, and they dynamically work your wedding crowd for 4 plus hours. Plus, they typically play a wider range of music than any band, and they know all your favorite requests.

Tips for Interviewing a DJ for your Wedding:

  1. Look for references. You can go to yellowbook.com, theknot.com, or even google to check up on their ratings.
  2. Talk to 3-5 DJs. If you speak to about 3 you will instinctively know who is the real professional and who just DJs for fun or can't get a day job. Trust me there is a big difference in a professional. Primarily, you know they will show up and the equipment will work. They have back ups for people and equipment.
  3. Ask a lot of questions. What is their favorite kind of music? Have they worked at your venue before? Are they actually spinning discs, or just playing songs? What is the overtime policy? What is their attire for weddings? How long have they been DJing and how many weddings have they done?
  4. Ask more questions. How much space do they need? Will they need to be fed? Do they have a wedding planner or request form? Do they also do corporate parties? How will they handle any problems with the DJ or equipment? What if they get sick the day of the wedding?

How much do good Kansas City DJs for your wedding cost?

Typically, the rule of thumb is 1/10th your wedding budget is for entertainment. If you are looking at a $10,000 wedding, look to spend about $1,000. If you are somewhere around $25,000 then look for someone around $2,500. You can probably find an awesome DJ for just about any budget though... Just make sure they do this for a living, and are true professionals. When you think about it, the entertainment is probably more important to the success of your reception than the caterer, decorator, or photographer, maybe even the venue, and those guys are getting thousands per wedding.

Here at PartyKC, we are about the middle range on price. Typically, we charge $150 an hour, plus a little for lights or other special circumstances. However, I have booked really good DJs for $100 an hour, but you have to catch them early. Some of my good, professional DJ friends charge $200 an hour and they are the best of the best in Kansas City. If you are spending over $800 for a 4-hour wedding, PLEASE give us a call. I can get the best talent in KC for less than that, and they will rock your wedding so hard your guests will be talking about it forever...

Email info@partykc.com or call 816-442-9555 for more information!


  1. In my opinion, charging by the hour is just an added stress for the bridal couple. Charge for the day, set clear expectations as to how long "the day" really means, and everybody's happy.

  2. I agree. However, we charge for music time only... Sometimes, couples can be scared off by high price tag for whole day. Hourly pricing lets them choose whether they want dinner music, 4 or 5 hours of reception or whatever.

    I see your point, but I think a customized solution is a lot less stress than having to buy a package or whole day that you may or may not want or use.

  3. Some interesting and valid points made by you about the selection of wedding DJ. Thanks for the post.

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  5. So how much is a good hourly price?