Jul 21, 2005

Bored on Tuesday nights?

Fox and Hound Pub and Grille in Independence (39th Street) AND Overland Park (Metcalf) are known for their Pint Night, for just 2 bills, and they have a huge selection! If the Overland Park location is anything like the Independence location, there will be tons of people from all over the area. I always run into tons of people I know, and make lots of new friends. They offer many different areas of entertainment--pool tables, darts, an occassional dj, couches for more cozy and secluded conversation, and they also offer a huge specialty drink list and a cigar menu! Try the Vanilla cigar...it leaves a sweet taste on your lips!

I went last week, sat back and relaxed with a group of friends. We like to hang out in the Green Room. Some of us enjoyed the conversation while our waitress brought us drinks, and others played a couple rounds of pool. It's fun to either hang out or flirt with new people. I saw a few people I knew from highschool; it is always nice to catch up. So come hang out, drink, have fun, and relax at Fox and Hound!


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