Jul 22, 2005

Jesse Tack News & Views

Two Kansas City police men have been fired for their use of a Taser gun during an arrest last year. The victim of the taser gun said, "The whole ordeal has been a shocking experience!"

Kansas City Power & Light is preparing for a possible electricity disruptions, due to the heat wave this week in KC. KCP&L has extra crews standing by; none of which know how to combat the problem of fat men in tank tops!

A Kansas City woman said she was shot Thursday morning for refusing a ride. Witnessess say this isn't the first time they've seen a person refuse a ride on the Metro.

And now for a quick look at somewhere else in the country...

Mortgage rates have risen for the third week in a row and are now at their highest levels in two months. With this news, the city of Belton still takes credit as the low-cost mobile housing capital of the world!

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