Jul 21, 2005

Well everyone, the end has come.

My friend, roommate, travel buddy, side kick, spooning partner has left us forever. Today at 12:52 Benjamin Teinkoff Gatlin drove out of my life, and at 12:52 & 10 seconds his car died, and he sulked, as I jumped in joy for thee was a glimmer of hope he might be forced to stay, up until 12:53 when his car started right back up again, and he took off without even looking back. Leaving me standing there with a frown on my face, tears in my eyes, and jumper cables in my hands. As I slowly walked back up to my apartment, our last 8 months together flashed before my eyes.

I saw nothing but pizzookies (our favorite cookie and ice cream dessert) and a copy of the movie "mean girls" that we purchased. Needless to say very sad stuff. As I laid there on my couch, I thought of all the good times. I thought of all the bad times, and I wondered if friends are really friends forever. Sometimes I wonder, I mean, I did play the song, "Lets Stay Together" by Al Green, and it seemed to not even phase him. He just grabbed my girl scout cookies and headed out the door. Now I am just left with an empty box of do-si-do's and a few tears. But the more I thought, I remembered our concept of tough love and at 1:07 I fell into a deep peaceful slumber.

Then sometime later, I awoke with a very fresh perspective on life, friends, and the pursuit of happiness. As I rolled over and looked at the clock, I was in shock that it was all ready 1:08. "Dammit" I said to myself, cause when I get angry, I tend to cuss like little school girl. But "Dammit" I said, how could I sleep through the first 8 minutes of You've Got Mail on TNT!?! And that's the moment I realized, you know what? Life does go on! TNT doesn't stop its daily schedule just because a friend leaves. You will make more friends that will come and go, but the memories, the memories will last forever.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, will I miss him?... Maybe I will or maybe I will. Do I wish he stayed?... Yeah I do. Will I do my best to keep in touch with what's his name?... Sure, but more importantly, today is the first day of the rest of my life. And there is still a whole lot of livin' left to do. So will I get busy livin' or just keep on cryin'? Without a doubt, I am going to get up of the couch, make my way back to my bedroom, lie down and cry just a little bit longer. And then, I will just keep on truckin'.

I'm an idiot,

Ryan Montague

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