Nov 10, 2005

In Response to Ryan's K-Swiss Ad...

In the interest of brevity and to give everyone else a chance, I have compiled my comments into a top ten list.
The Top 10 Jokes about Ryan's K-Swiss Ad:
10. Ryan Seacrest called, he wants his look back.
9. Congratulations for following Brad Pitt as the second white man from MO to make it into VIBE!
8. Shoes are supposed to help hold you up, not the other way around.
7. Why did K-Swiss choose Ryan for the ad? - His tiny head does not distract from the shoes!
6. Hillary Duff called, she wants her jacket back.
5. If you airbrush out the shoe and add him chewing on some straw, Ryan could use the picture to audition for the new version of Hee-Haw!
4. Ryan doesn't seem to be really happy about the shoe, but maybe it's because his right foot is cold on the bare pavement.
3. When Ryan left for LA, he had brown hair, and brown eyes. Now he has blonde streaks and blues eyes. What's next Boobs and BOTOX?
2. When you factor in the cost of living in LA, Ryan made almost exactly the same as the Korean kids the the sweat shop that made the shoe.

And The Number 1 Joke about Ryan's K-Swiss Ad...

1. There are so many things wrong about Ryan's ad in VIBE, it could be the back cover of a Highlights Magazine!

PS- I am attaching my photo for next month's ad in VIBE....

"Behave yourself! But if you can't be good, be good at it!"

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