Aug 10, 2005

Ryan Comes Home!

whats up everyone -

just wanted to let you all now that as of wednesday august 10th at 6:02pm i will officially be back in kc for an entire week.

(for Brent Carpenter only: Carp a week is 7 days that means i will be leaving wednesday august 17th and we have until then to hang out)
(for everyone except Carp: he's pretty slow and sometimes needs the obvious spelled out for him)

i am really looking forward to being back and getting to see everyone again it will be a nice break from LA and the traffic, bums, no drive thru banking, having to park in a structure and take an elevator to the grocery store, transvestites, (oh, yeah that reminds me Carp your dad says hi), paying $2.60 for gas, and paying $15 for a movie. Neato Gang Super Duper!

see ya'll soon,


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