Aug 10, 2005

Kurvie Kritics

Just got in from Nick's in Independence. Tonight was a friend's birthday, so after work I rushed right over. Not a bad bar, if you don't mind it smoky and a female bartender who's ass hangs out of her jean mini-skirt. We actually decided to go there because one of our favorite bands was playing there tonight. POJ, better known as Pieces of Jake, plays around the KC area, and they cover a bunch of popular songs of rock and roll and some pop/r&b. A good time was had, but I had to leave about an hour after I got there because I just couldn't take the smoke anymore. Oh, another plus about that bar--they have awesome drink specials a few times a week...totally worth it.

Here lately I've been spending a little bit of time at the American Legion in Parkville. I know, I know, a girl in her mid-20's hanging out at that kind of place?!?! It's different than you'd think. On Wednesday nights I head up there to hang out with a bunch of friends from college and we stay for the kareoke. Thursday nights we pop up there for what we've deemed "Blues Fest." We get Pabst Blue Ribbon and Kamakaze shots for a buck. Awesome stuff. Lemme tell ya, it got crazy last night!

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