Jul 4, 2005

War of the Worlds

I just got back from the theater, and I am torn on my review of this film. Hollywood is hoping that this will be the blockbuster that will save the ailing box office returns, and I don't think this is that movie. It held my interest and I recommend seeing it in the theaters for the effects, audio, and atmosphere that you can't get at home, but it left me wanting. I was tense and involved in the film, but when it ended, I felt like the story and plot were very weak. With that said, go see this movie and make your own decision, but don't expect the plot to be winning any awards.

I noticed something else that bothered me while I was at the theater. Four out of Five previews were remakes of old films or stories. With War of the Worlds, Fantastic 4, Willy Wonka, Dukes of Hazard, and King Kong coming out this summer, it makes me wonder if Hollywood has given up. Has it gotten to the point where the best we can do is a big budget, star studded remake with some cool special effects. Where are the writers? Where is the art? I can count on one hand the number of good original movies I have seen in the last few years. The worst part is that no one even seems to trying anymore. Do I have to go to an artsy film festival to see anything with a plot, a message, and character development? I am starting to get pissed at the music industry, Hollywood, and the TV networks.

Music has been getting better, and back to its roots recently, but it is still lacking a poster boy like Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, or Kurt Cobain. Someone who can shake things up and change the face of music. I got news for you it isn't Britney, Jessica, or Gwen.

TV has gone to Reality that is so fake and uninspiring that I can't stand to watch a full primetime set. We have 84 contests, 3 Nanny shows, 3 CSIs, 4 Law and Orders, and NO Friends, Raymond, Seinfeld, or Frasier! Don't get me wrong, American Idol season 1, Desperate Housewives, and the original CSI and Law and Order were great shows, but now with all the copy cats, I have no options! We have more channels that people in this country, and the are all doing the same 3 shows with different names!

Hollywood is by far the worst though. The are actually using the same scripts, actors, and just repackaging them, so we will buy it again! I am enjoying all my old shows, now available on DVD! I just don't want them bastardized by over-paid, over-hyped and under-talented models. I love the Dukes of Hazard! And Jessica Simpson's tuna-eating ass, while it looks good in the Daisy Duke's, is going to poop on one of my favorite shows. I am begging all of you. If you know of anything quality on the big screen or small screen that is not getting its share of the hypes, please email me ASAP!


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