Apr 18, 2005

What's Is It About Girls Dancing On The Bar?

Let me start by saying that I too love to a bunch of girls dancing on the bar. So I am not discouraging it, by any means. I just saw these two girls do this the other night, and it hit me as unusual. I guess because I actually haven't seen it in awhile. Most places generally don't allow it, because they don't want a lawsuit, but I love it when I when the manager is willing to risk it! However, I think that is my point. Why do we love it so much?

The girls go nuts, they all jump up on the bar, and go into super slutty dance mode. Then the guys line up around the bar instantly, as if there stripper sense was tingling. The guys all whisper to there friends, check out the girls, and basically stand in awe and attention. Then the song ends, they help the girls down, and the night continues.

It seems weird to me that the girls get excited and the guys go absolutely nuts for this. I mean think about it. They are pretty much just doing the same dance moves they were previously doing, only this time it's 4 feet higher! Its really not very impressive, but I guess the girls like the attention, and the guys are just hoping to see something naked.

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