Apr 14, 2005

Go See A Royals Game!

OK, I will be the first to admit it. The Royals are not the Yankees, and they never will be. However, I went out to Opening Day, and I had a blast. The Atmosphere, weather, excitement, cold beverages, hot dogs, and baseball, where exactly what I needed. If you have been getting a bit of Spring Fever, feeling a little depressed or frustrated that you can't get out and enjoy the nice weather, here is my advice.

Call in sick!

If you have to, but skip out early sometime this week and go out to a Royals game. Trust me, when I say that it is just what the doctor ordered. Keep in mind that the Royals will probably lose, but hey, it's always fun rooting for the underdog! Besides, here are my Top 5 Reasons to go to the Ballpark:

5. It's not work.
4. They sell booze!
3. They do all the work. You just get to sit there and watch!
2. If you pick the right day, you can relax in the sun and let your cares melt away.
1. It is not work!

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