Nov 3, 2012

Top 25 Best Party Theme Ideas

1. CEOs & Corporate Hos
Try to please your boss before he gets a chance to say “You’re Fired!” or be the boss and have your guests try to please you all night. Guys can take an old tie and rock out the black briefcases; girls can dress up as sexy secretaries – or vice versa! Just don’t incorporate a Donald Trump comb-over into your look. No one needs to see that.

2. Letter Party
Pick a letter, any letter. It can be the first letter of your name. Now have your friends only dress up as something beginning with that letter. To make it more fun make them only able to drink drinks beginning with that letter.3. Dollar PartyHave all guests bring a dollar to the party exchanging the buck for some kind of service. Whether it be a dance or a body shot, the goal is to make as much money as you can by the end of the night. You might be surprised at what some people would do for a dollar especially when under the influence.4. ABC PartyYou can wear aluminum foil, duct tape, pasties, beer boxes, trash bags, wrapping paper, toilet paper or ANYTHING… but clothes! You’ll be surprised at what some of your friends will walk in wearing and maybe start wondering what’s going on underneath those items. Just remember, creativity is the name of the game.

3. Stoplight
Meet people with their relationship statuses out in the open via their apparel. Red means taken, yellow means “it’s complicated,” and green means go go go!.

4. aMAZE-ment
For this party you will need a lot of refrigerator boxes that you will set up and duct tape as a giant house maze for your guests to crawl through. You can have blacklights inside the boxes and make several dead ends to confuse your drunk guests. Each entry way will lead to a different room in the house.. It’s a bit of a challenge to get through but the best path is the one that leads to the room with the keg.

5. Around the World
Too broke to travel? Why not bring the world to you! Have every room of your house or dorm floor decorated as a different part of the world and offer a specialty drink from that region. One room can be Mexico (margaritas), the other room can be Paris (champagne) and another room can be Cuba (mojitos). Have all your guests dress according to their native land What a great way to promote international relations!

6. Cops and Robbers
Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Have all your friends bring handcuffs and dress as cops or in all black and go as robbers. Each person brings a bottle of alcohol or a 40 oz. and must handcuff themselves to someone else. The two who are handcuffed can’t be released until the entire drink is finished.

8. Easter Beer Hunt
Who says you need eggs to for a good hunt? Using beer bottles is much more fun. Make your guests work for their alcohol. Hide bottles all over your house or backyard and have your guests search for them. You can also hide cans of soda and non-alcoholic drinks to throw your guests off. The sooner they find those bottles, the less likely they are to drink warm beer.

9. WTF Party
Take any random household item or take apart last year’s Halloween costume and don your most creative concoction. Dress in the most ridiculous thing you can think of. When you enter the party your goal is to have someone say “What the F@#%!!!!!!”

10. Toga Party
Made infamous in Animal House, every college student must participate in at least one toga party in his or her lifetime. Party like Greek gods and goddesses by dressing up in tied up bed sheets, laurel crowns and sandals. No need to stick to a basic white sheet – use whatever extra fabric you’ve got lying around and get creative.

11. Number Party
Pick a number. Now have every guest dress as anything that correlates with that number. It can be anything from a day in history to an area code to a famous band’s CD. Need help deciding on what to wear? You can get a lot of info on a particular number by just googling it.

12. Arabian Nights
Prepare to enter a whole new world. Set up hookahs and a magic carpet in the middle of the dance floor. Girls can dress as belly-dancers while guys can dress as Aladdin. Note to you guys: “Rub my lamp and I’ll make your wish come true” is not a good pick-up line.

13. Who Party
This is a fun way to find out what your friends really think about you. Each guest must dress as another person in your group of friends. At the party you have to guess who is imitating whom.

14. Obstacle Course
Get giant tubes, tires, ropes and everything else you would find in an obstacle course. Have guests dress in solid colors as corresponding team sports attire. Set up a relay race where guests must perform tasks like spinning around a pole three times, hopping through old tires, and playing games of flip-cup in a race to finish first. The team that wins gets to decide the punishment for the losing team.

15. Masquerade
What do Jim Carrey, the Phantom of the Opera and Cat Woman all have in common? Masks! Have each guest come in wearing a mask. You can create your own specialized one or copy a famous character’s. You never know who you might find under that mask at the end of the night.

16. You Are What You Drink
Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan and Jose Cuervo are a college student’s best friends so why not dress like them? Girls can dress as Bloody Mary or sex on the beach (bikini top and messy hair). Guys can dress in all white and speak in a Russian accent. Let your drink of choice be your inspiration.

17. Seven Deadly Sins
Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy are the seven deadly themes your guests can dress up as at this party. Have each room dedicated to a sin like the Lust room filled with condoms and the Greed room filled with fakemoney and poker chips. Once guests enter your version of party hell they must participate in an array of dirty deeds the whole night…anything the devilish host commands.

18. Jello Wrestling party
Let’s get ready to rumble! Get a big tub or large kiddie pool and fill it with jello and water. Have girls and guys dress in swimwear. Make sure the winner gets a nice championship trophy and of course a bunch of jello shots.

19. Paint Your Date
Discover your artistic talents by hosting an art party. Have your guests dressed as blank white canvases and buy a bunch of finger paints. Have jugs of paint at the bar. Each guest gets a bottle of paint and a bottle of booze. A whole paint war will ensue and maybe even a paint-wrestling fight. At the end of the night, guests can be auctioned off as art to the rest of the party.27. Color PartyJust like P. Diddy’s famous White Party, decorate you whole house in one color. Each guest has to be dressed in that color from head to toe. This will make for some really cool pictures. Make sure the snacks and drinks are also in the one color (use food coloring if needed). And of course, people not wearing the right color won’t be allowed in.

20. Mustache Party
Only people with mustaches can enter this exclusive party. There’s an array of mustaches to choose from the handlebars, to a porn-stache or even a milk mustache! Whether it’s drawn on with an eye pencil or studded with rhinestones, everyone (even the ladies) needs to rock a “‘stache” to gain entry.

21. Walk of Shame
If you have ever walked back home looking trashed from the night before (usually in a ridiculous outfit) then congratulations you’ve just experienced the walk of shame. We’ve all experienced this embarrassing feat but this time you can say it was on purpose! Take out the middle man and have your friends dress how they would look the morning after a wild night. Girls can wear guy’s button downs and boxers. Guys can wear sweatpants and wifebeaters.

22. ‘80s Party
Sure it’s been done, but that’s because ‘80s parties really are totally awesome. Time to break out the neon sweatbands and shoulder pads and crank up the Madonna and Def Leppard. For bonus points, add a couple ‘80s tv theme songs to your play list. “Small Wonder” anyone?

23. Beach Party
Bring Spring Break to your house and decorate with inflatable pools, tiki torches and lots of sand (if you have an outdoor area). Have a Jimmy Buffet-like band play or just blast it through the speakers. Guest can wear the usual swim or vacation attire and you can host a wet t-shirt contest of your very own.

24. Mathletes vs. Athletes
You don’t need to be a mean girl to get invited to this party. Have everyone come dressed as a jock or a nerd and hold several competitions between the teams like flip-cup, beer pong, shot gun races, etc. The team that loses has to clean up after the party.

25. It Used To Be Cool
Remember when Ugg boots, ripped jeans and Juicy track suits were all the rage? While the thought of ever wearing those fugly trends again might make one shudder, why not embrace those trend-loving skeletons in your closet and have all your guests wear those out of style items with pride. Major points to whoever comes wearing a snap bracelet!

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