Jun 23, 2009

Kansas City Online Radio

I am proud to announce that www.PartyKC.com is putting Kansas City on the map as far as online radio is concerned. When PartyKC.com was started in 2003. I was broadcasting to 5 people max at a time and doing it from my studio apartment.

Now PartyKC.com is the number 1 station for the variety category, and in the Top 500 Internet Radio station online. Kansas City can truly be proud that we are showing the world how to party.

You can find us on iTunes, Live365, and anywhere you can get an internet connection. Journalist from around the world email me with questions about party music, and fans from all over the United States send emails about songs on our playlist.

I think the really cool thing is that Kansas City Online Radio has been taken to a new level. It is not just the FM stations rebroadcasting the same junk, amateur broadcasters, or indepent never-heard-of-artists. We now have a professional online radio station that we all can be proud of. I know I am gratefull for all the support and encouragement I have recieved since starting this project, and I hope it continues to be as fun and successful as it has been so far.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how I can make the station better or reach more people, let me know...

Mike "Romeo" Montague

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