Jan 21, 2009

New Promotional Link For PartyKC.com

Hey Everyone!

I have some good news to announce! Thanks to http://www.racinboys.com/ and our promotion last week. http://www.partykc.com/ is now the 9th most listened to variety station at Live365 and in the top 25% of all internet radio stations that broadcast on thier platform!

We need to make a strong push to keep this momentum and keep growing. If you have a website, myspace, facebook or blog. We would appreciate some love. You can add this link anywhere on the internet or email to launch our stream:


You can also call or email me to get a custom player that will play our music right on your webpage or profile. Do yourself and us a favor and bring the party to your website!

Thanks for the love, and let me know if you want a link back to you site from http://www.partykc.com/!

Michael "Romeo" Montague

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