Feb 1, 2007

Valentine’s Day poll results!

By Judy Dutton

Yes, it’s that time of year again—when romantics everywhere send a flurry of rose bouquets, reserve cozy tables at fancy restaurants, and celebrate that mysterious thing called love. Only, we had to wonder: What would really get people’s hearts beating faster on this amorous holiday? To find out, Match.com asked more than 500 men and women to share some honest answers. Their responses will surprise you—and provide some interesting insight on what you should do on the big night.

Valentine’s Day: Do you love it or dread it?
68% love it
32% dread it

Would you rather go out with a boring date or stay home alone and watch a fascinating DVD?
79% would stay home and watch a fascinating DVD
21% would go out with a boring date

For Valentine’s Day, would you prefer your date treated you to a romantic meal or a $100 gift certificate to your favorite store?
81% prefer the meal
19% prefer the gift certificate

Would you rather your date were really good-looking or a great conversationalist?
68% prefer great conversation
32% prefer a good-looking date

Red roses on Valentine’s Day: cliché or still sweet?
78% think they’re still sweet
22% think they’re cliché

Is it a good – or bad – idea for a guy to buy lingerie for a woman he’s seeing?
65% think it’s a good idea
35% think it’s a bad idea

Have you ever scheduled more than one date for Valentine’s Day?
94% say no
6% admit yes

Would you rather receive so-so flowers at work (where everyone can see them) or receive a magnificent bouquet at home?
67% prefer receiving a magnificent bouquet at home
33% prefer receiving so-so flowers at work

What would be better on Valentine’s Day: A one-hour massage from someone you’re dating or a gift certificate to a professional masseuse?
87% would prefer a massage from their date
13% would prefer a massage from a professional

If you’re dating someone, do you always expect some action on Valentine’s Day?
61% say not necessarily
39% say absolutely

Men, which female celebrity would be your dream Valentine’s Day date?
31% Jennifer Aniston
24% Halle Berry
19% Cameron Diaz
17% Natalie Portman
10% Scarlett Johansson

Women, which male celebrity would be your dream date?
28% George Clooney
26% Matthew McConaughey
20% Johnny Depp
15% Leonardo DiCaprio
11% Denzel Washington

Which is the most romantic celebrity couple?
32% Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
18% Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
15% Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
14% Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
11% Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
10% Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ever broken up with someone on or a few days before Valentine’s Day?
80% say no
20% say yes

Have you ever said “I love you” for the first time to someone on Valentine’s Day?
81% say no
19% say yes