Dec 15, 2006


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I would like so much for the grandchildren to know what a truly kind and good man their grandfather was. He loved the Lord in his very quiet way and had such integrity and strength of character in all the things he has done. I hope that they will carry those memories of him with them because those qualities are what has made him such a beloved person. He wanted people to love the sports like he did. He loved sports so much, he was so passionate about them and he wanted others to share the joy.
- Norma Hunt, Wife

He saw things and understood things that would be good for the game many, many years ahead of other people.
- Clark Hunt, Son

He was a visionary, he was clever, he was creative, he was stubborn, he was optimistic, he was stubbornly optimistic, he looked at things for the long haul.
- Sharron Hunt Munson, Daughter

It was more about providing people with opportunities, letting people display their talents and gifts and sports is really where that manifested itself.
- Lamar Hunt, Jr., Son

He didn’t miss anything. If it came to counting parking spots in parking lots, he was out there doing it all himself.
- Dan Hunt, Son

I accused him of being in the entertainment business, but to him it was sports and it was a game. His high school friends that named him ‘games’ correctly named him.
- Herbert Hunt, Brother

To know him you loved him. Even if you were on the opposite side, you loved him.
- Caroline Hunt, Sister

Lamar Hunt’s a pioneer and a pillar of the National Football League. He’s been innovative and creative throughout all the years he’s been involved. There aren’t enough words to accurately describe who Lamar Hunt was and what he has meant to the NFL and to Kansas City. For the Chiefs, he was our Founder. He’s the guy who made the decision to move the franchise from Dallas to Kansas City. It was a great decision. To Kansas City, he’s more than just the owner of a professional franchise. He’s committed himself there with other businesses such as Hunt Midwest Enterprises, creating thousands of jobs throughout the Kansas City community. He’s been one of the most philanthropic people I’ve ever been involved with.
- Carl Peterson, President, Kansas City Chiefs

When you talk about humility, Lamar Hunt’s name should be in the dictionary under that term because of how he carried himself and how he always put others and thought about others before himself.
- Herm Edwards, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

All the times that Lamar and I were together in 47 years there was never one day that I felt that I was working for Lamar. He always made me feel I was working with him.
- Jack Steadman, Vice Chairman of the Board, Kansas City Chiefs

Lamar Hunt was one of the greatest leaders and innovators in the history of sports. His vision transformed pro football and helped turn a regional sport into a national passion. Lamar created a model franchise in the Kansas City Chiefs, but he was always equally devoted to the best interests of the league and the game, from the AFL-NFL merger to the two-point conversion. His legacy is unmatched in sports and the NFL — a pioneer, a founding father, and one of the most important architects in the history of our game.
- Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

He was one of the most considerate, one of the most thoughtful and one of the most visionary people you could ever deal with. Lamar Hunt was a founding father of modern professional sports and a tremendous sports visionary and leader. I first met Lamar in 1969 and had the privilege of working closely with him on an extraordinary range of projects in a number of sports. He always led with vision, tenacity and humility. He played football at Southern Methodist University and was passionate about the game and a perfectionist as well. Above all else, he was intensely focused on the best interests of the fans — especially his beloved Chiefs fans — and on the collective interests of the league and of his fellow owners, no matter the sport. Norma and Lamar have always been among the most supportive friends and colleagues that Chan and I have had during our decades in the NFL. We will miss Lamar very deeply.
- Paul Tagliabue, NFL Commissioner, 1989-2006

When you walked in a room and you saw him and saw he was a part of something, you knew it was something that was branded with integrity and solid and something you could stand behind.
- Robert Kraft, Owner, New England Patriots

Lamar Hunt had a dream and, the thing is, we had dreams, too. Just imagine the number of people that he has touched because he said, I’m going after this dream.
- Hall of Fame QB Len Dawson

Lamar Hunt went to the NFL and he said, ‘I want to buy a NFL team,’ or ‘I want to put up money to create a team,’ and they said, ‘no.’ That just tickles me to death. (Lamar) said, well, if you don’t want to give me a team, I’ll just go start my own league.
- Hall of Fame WR Don Maynard

He was someone that you were just attracted to, you wanted to be part of his circle. People just gravitated to him. He had this ability to influence and to turn a room and to communicate his side so effectively with a quiet, confidence that was unnerving. He was the man who invented the American Football League and coined the term Super Bowl, but when Lamar was talking about soccer there was that glint in his eye. It’s just something very special and when the books are written, the book on American soccer is going to have chapters on Lamar Hunt and what he did both in the past and the present for the game here.
- Don Garber, Major League Soccer Commissioner

If Lamar had done for sports in Great Britain what he has done for them here he would have been knighted by the queen.
- Kenny Cooper, former Dallas Tornados goalie

I think people need to be aware of what he brought to the sport of tennis: the passion he brought, the love of the game. He was someone who really gave these players an opportunity to go out and make a great living. He cared about the sport. I was lucky that I came at the time where it was just starting to explode and there were a lot of great personalities in the sport yet, at the same time, you had at least a sense of appreciation for what a man like Lamar Hunt was laying on the line. What he did was what he continued to do in soccer which was trying to raise the profile of the sport that is huge worldwide but not as big in the states.
- John McEnroe, tennis champion

Lamar was so much more than a contributor to sports. He was a founder and a creator. His vision and his passion shaped the sporting landscape of this country like few others have before him. His innovative drive was inspired by his love of the games, the athletes and the spirit of competition. He was a gentleman. He moved comfortably among the giants of sports and always had the common touch. Our deepest sympathies are with Norma and the family.
- Jerry Jones, Owner/President/General Manager, Dallas Cowboys

Lamar Hunt was one of the finest owners in the history of professional football and one of America’s greatest sportsmen. It has been my privilege to work with and compete against Lamar. It was an honor for me to have a close relationship with Lamar and with his family, and that came out of 23 years of working together and competing against each other. In my early years Lamar had a significant influence on me as a new owner in the league. My condolences go to Norma and to his entire family, as well as to the Kansas City Chiefs organization.
- Pat Bowlen, Owner, Denver Broncos

I have much admiration for his love of professional football and, of course, the American Football League, which he started. We were rivals, we were friends, we were competitors. Lamar Hunt is a legend and will be sorely missed as he has been a part of our lives for the past five decades. Our hearts and emotions go out to his wife, Norma, sons Lamar and Clark and the rest of the family.
- Al Davis, Oakland Raiders

The San Diego Chargers exist today, in large part, due to the courage and vision of Lamar Hunt. He was one of the founding fathers of the old American Football League. He along with the other original AFL owners had the foresight of what football could become in America and dared to begin a new league in competition against the National Football League. The success of the old AFL caused the merger of the two leagues and has given us the NFL we have today. And after that and throughout his ownership, Lamar was always one of the League’s most respected owners and leaders. On countless occasions he was a voice of reason that always helped the League reach the right decision to the betterment of everyone and the future of the game. Everyone who has ever enjoyed the fruits of this great game and league – owner, coach, player alike – owes Lamar Hunt a debt of gratitude today.
- Dean Spanos, President, San Diego Chargers

He had an undeniable to get things done the right way. There was nobody like him. There was nobody like him. Lamar is the most unique person I have ever known. He led in a quiet but confident way. He was able to build consensus through discussion, and his ultimate objective was to do what was best for the NFL. His demeanor never changed after victory or defeat. He was always interested in what he might do “to help”. I consider myself most fortunate to have had the privilege to know and work with Lamar. His contributions to the National Football League as we know it today are unparalleled, and his presence and friendship will be missed. The Schottenheimer family extends our sympathies to Norma and the Hunt family.
- Marty Schottenheimer, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, 1989-98

December 16th, a memorial service will be conducted at 1:00 PM (Central) at Moody Coliseum on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The service is open to the general public.

Arrangements are being finalized for a follow-up memorial service in Kansas City. Details will be forthcoming in the next day. The public is invited.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that memorial donations be made to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Heart of a Champion Foundation.

Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N. Harwood
Dallas, TX 75201

Heart of a Champion Foundation

P.O. Box 740126
Dallas, TX 75374-0126