Dec 18, 2006

Music Review: Chris Daughtry

Strong Rock Debut From Chris Daughtry
It's difficult to imagine how a win on American Idol Season 5 would have boosted Chris Daughtry beyond where he stands today. Despite being eliminated earlier from the competition than most expected, Daughtry was quickly signed to a recording contract, and this album proves that his label's confidence was warranted. Chris Daughtry is a strong, confident rock performer, and this album ranks with Kelly Clarkson's Thankful as one of the best post-Idol debut albums.

Variety Adds Interest
Chris Daughtry kicks off the album with a throaty growl reminiscent of Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. He could have stayed within that model throughout the album and pleased a number of fans, but Daughtry is confident enough to add variety to the album's 12 songs. "Feels Like Tonight" is an arena rock classic waiting to be released, and "What I Want," featuring guitar work from Slash, gives Chris Daughtry the opportunity to add some bluesy metal swagger to his bag of tricks.

From Bill Lamb, Your Guide to Top 40 / Pop