Oct 4, 2005

Party Idea:
The Blonde Party

We recently had a 'Blonde Party' for a 30 year old male friend. Everyone invited had to "Be a Blonde, Bring a Blonde or Become a Blonde". Most people came in a blonde wig or dressed up -a couple of enterprising chaps came in drag, one even as Princess Diana.

For decorations everything in pink and baby blue and we decorated the walls with pictures of famous blondes and blonde jokes (i.e. how do blonde brain cells die? Alone.) All raided from the internet.

Prizes were kids Barbie party favors and we dressed the birthday boy up as Barbie. Cocktails (pink of course) and gorgeous little nibblies were the order of the day. As well as being a nice easy theme to organize everyone was able to join in. It really was a hoot - everyone loved trying on each other's wigs - and yes, even the natural blondes enjoyed it! Once they found the house ofcourse...

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