Oct 25, 2005

Party Idea:
Tacky Costume Party

I recently hosted a "tacky social" for a group that I belong with. I sent out flower power invitations stating the time, date, place etc... With huge print stating that they come dressed in their tackiest.

The invitation stated that the "queen of tacky" would be voted on, and the winner "crowned". The decorations were everything you could think of.. Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, happy new year banners, happy birthday banners... Every kind of Christmas and Halloween light you could think of... All these draped and stuck anywhere and everywhere... Even the bathroom! Most were upside down and off center.

For entertainment, we played pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and twister... Boy, you don't see grown woman doing this often!! :o) We had a mix of music from the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's on in the background. We had tacky finger foods and sloppy joe's for dinner. I bought the cheapest, no-name brand drinks (sodas, wine & beer.) I hired a very cheesy dancer for our "main entertainment", who came dressed like a nerd, and danced horribly. {on purpose.} Oh, and you should see the way these woman showed up dressed! We had everything from a 100% polyester bowling leisure suit made for a man {but worn by a woman}, to a woman who showed up wearing thigh high leather lace up boots, a leather miniskirt and a bandana for a top!! Those tacky outfits I listed, and everything in between! plaids & polka dots, YOU NAME IT!!

It was so much fun. We have never laughed so hard! At the end of the night we voted on who was dressed the tackiest, and the winner was crowned with a tiara and sash that said" queen of tacky." And she was given a bunch of ugly fake flowers. To enhance the whole "tacky" feeling, I set out all different style/color/themed plates /napkins/plasticware/ glasses and had paisley tablecloths and dead flowers. If you decide to throw a tacky social, you and your guests will have SO MUCH FUN!!!! I still have people come up to me and tell me they need to think of a reason to throw a "tacky social". ENJOY!

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