Sep 20, 2005

Party Ideas:
Survivor Party

Start with an invitation for your guests to come to your "island" to tape the ONLY episode. Give your island a name - amusing, exotic, or scary.

Based on your positive replies, you need to develop the Tribes before the day of the party. Decide if it's male vs. female, or couples vs. couples, or totally mixed up. Some Tribal names could be: Rattle and Rollers, Boogie Bugs, Lounge Lizards, Shell Shockers. You may want to use colored armbands, or colored leis to designate which members belong to which Tribes.

For the entrance, place bamboo tiki torches outside your door as the first indication of the island flavor, or use luau luminarias. You may even want to adorn your porch rail or doorway with 3D tissue parrots and/or palm tree lights for a festive effect. Drape some fish netting for effect.
Beachcomber hats would be fun, and 6-ft. palm tree cutouts add to the decor. Serve tropical foods with flamingo and fruit picks. You can use raffia skirting for serving tables. Use candles everywhere - definitely votives but citronella also if you're outdoors.

For this event, just give points. No one is voted out (what fun is that at a party?)

The Immunity Challenges:
A gummy bug-eating competition: He who eats the most, wins. Try gummy spiders and beetles and stuff like that.
A rat hunt: Candy stores also have gummy rats or find plastic ones at a dollar store. Hide some of those foes in different places on your "island."
A treasure chest relay: they have to carry a treasure chest filled with rocks, back and forth, handing it off to different team members until they are done.
Race for the Rainbow - Give each team a plastic bag as well as a piece of paper containing a written list of all of the colors of the rainbow (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Each team has to find at least one object in nature (or anything outside) that matches each color of the rainbow. For example: A red apple, orange leaf, yellow weed (dandelion), etc. For each object they find they have to place it in their plastic bags. The first team to find objects that match each color of the rainbow is the winner. (Each item found can only count for one color.)
Hula Hoop Relay - For this race, you'll need even numbered teams and a hula hoop for each team. Begin by creating a course-a straight line to a goal (a chair or trash can, for instance) and back, or create a slalom-type trail around obstacles. When the race begins, the first player from each team rolls the team's hoop (using his hand or a stick) along the entire course before returning to the starting line and passing the hoop to the next player. The race continues until all of the players on one team complete the course.
Who's the Leader? - The object of this game is to find out who is the leader of the group. One player, the guesser, goes around the corner of the house while the remaining players sit in a circle and select a leader (quietly). The leader then initiates a series of motions-hand movements, claps, foot stomps and so on-which the other players copy. The guesser is then called back to watch the group. The leader must change the movements every 5 to 20 seconds. The followers try not to give away the leader with their eyes. The guesser gets three tries to identify the right person. This is a good alternative if the weather is lousy outside.
Dress-up Relay - Make 2 piles of the same type of clothing. Divide the group into teams and have the first players race to dress up in all the clothes from one pile. When finished, he/she must take all the clothes off and have the next player dress up. The team that dresses and undresses first wins the game. (You can get fun stuff from garage sales and thrift stores, and this is fun for both adults and kids.)

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