Sep 12, 2005

Party Idea:
Jimmy Buffett

For my husband's Birthday party, I decided to do Jimmy Buffett. I arranged it to be a surprise party and I had lot's of help from his best friend. My invitations were done via phone calls and emails.

We have a in-ground pool so it was suppose to be outside, but on the day before they called for rain, so I put it in our garage and bought some kiddy pools and arranged them in the garage. I bought rubber animals and those kiddy fishing polls that come with the fish that have the magnets on them and I put lawn chairs around the pools so people could fish. I bought water guns just for the fun of it and I got a parrot pinata. I also got paper palm trees, parrots, Mexican hats, Corona, I cooked Cheeseburgers in Paradise, I had one of his friends wear a grass skirt and coconut bra, I put signs on the walls with the names of Jimmy Buffett's songs, I made Margaritas and I had a cake made with an island on it with sharks swimming around it.

We played nothing but Jimmy Buffet and had a blast! My husband was very surprised and impressed. I worked very hard thinking of ways to make it fun, we even had a treasure hunt through the house. You don't know how many times I listen to his songs to get everything right!!

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