Aug 24, 2005

Party Idea: The Hollywood Party

Star-powered parties are all the rage when you host a Hollywood Party. From Rodeo Drive to Santa Monica Blvd, your guests will believe they are in Hollywood as they pull up to your home and enter the land of make-believe!

Great Hollywood Party invitation ideas include:
Obtain a picture of the actual "Hollywood" sign either from the Internet or live, and use that as the front page of your invitation. This will intrigue your guests as they open the invite to learn more about what is inside!
Film reels, directors chairs, and the words, "Ready - places everyone - party!" will quickly send the message of your Hollywood Party to guests!
Movie ideas -
such as Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, or even Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo - can put your party-goers in the mood for a night of classic movies, food, and fun!

Whatever your preference, make sure your invitation exemplifies the fun you will have at your Hollywood Party!

Decoration Ideas:
Depending on the theme of your party, you will want to decorate accordingly. Some great decorating tips include:
Purchase very large metallic stars and paint them gold.
Using permanent marker,write the names of your guests on each, and secure to your sidewalk leading to the front door. This will start the party off right, as the guests walk along the "walk of the stars", knowing they are the starts of the party!
Turn your garage or basement into a movie theatre or stage. Decorate with posters of movies of all types (classic or more modern), and if possible, hang a burgundy red curtain along the back wall. To create a stage, simply put together a large platform that will hold people. Materials and ideas for this can be found at either or Seats can be as simple as "bring your own" lawn chairs or moving your own sofas, lazy boys, and even bean bag chairs so your guests enjoy the entertainment in comfort!
Roll out the red carpet at the front door, and have pseudo "paparazzi" taking pictures and badgering the guests with questions. Using a digital camera might enable you to have an after party website that guests can visit to remember the fun of the event.

Activity Ideas: The highlight of the party can be the activities enjoyed by your guests. Some great activities for your Western-Themed Party could include:
Variety Show.
Have your guests show off their talent on your new stage, whether it’s singing, skits, stand up comedy, etc. Make sure to have an awards ceremony afterward, giving the "winners" their own "Emmy" or "CMA" award with the party name and date either written or engraved at the bottom.
Rent classic movies,
"chick flicks", "action" films, or if you prefer, horror movies, and entertain your guests with the movie theme that you all enjoy together.
Escort your guests to their seats,
and make sure your escorts wear tuxes (even if you have to hire a few teenagers for a few bucks, that will add to the fun as they escort your guests to their seats and serve them food and non-alcoholic beverages!).
"Clips Quiz"
put together very, very short clips or sound bites of some of your favorite movies, and quiz your guests on which one is which. For example, from the movie "Jerry MacGuire", you might choose the sound bite "Show me the Money!!", and have your guests write down on their quiz sheet which movie that came from. This can be great fun as people find out just how much they know or remember about their favorite movies.

Food Ideas:Hollywood is about glamour, glitz, and money. Some great food ideas for your Hollywood Party include:
Caviar with light crackers.
If your guests have a more sophisticated palate, you could do different types of caviar, or have your guests each bring their favorite for a taste testing.
Seafood of all types!
Whether it is shrimp cocktail, sushi, lobster bisque, or crab meat (already out of the legs) with butter, your guests will enjoy the different tastes of seafood while enjoying the movie theme!
Popcorn and ju-ju fruits!
What better, economical way to celebrate Hollywood by providing true movie-going food? You might also include rotisserie hot dogs, nachos with cheese, M&M’s, and other movie-friendly food for a more relaxed and casual night.

However you create your Hollywood Party, remember that you will be creating a night to remember for all your guests! Hollywood Parties are fun and can inspire additional ideas for future "follow-up" parties for you and your guests!

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