Aug 16, 2005


Week of August 15, 2005
Today's a good day to take a flyer in the market. Invite an airline pilot to go with you to HyVee.
Introspection is today's byword. Spend time looking inside yourself. If you have trouble looking inside yourself, try one of those long, bended mirrors your dentist uses.
Women are attracted to men who are romantic yet appear to be different than other men. Prove to your girlfriend that you are different than all the other men she's known. Whisper sweet nothings in her nose.
Demonstrate your superiority over machines. Stand on the corner of 18th and Vine and when the sign says "Walk," refuse to do so until it says "Please."
Prepare for the upcoming economic collapse by stocking up on the necessities of life. Try hoarding shoelace tips.

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