Jul 17, 2005

Spark Things UP!

From Publishers Weekly
Behind the eye-catching cover and provocative title, Johnson, a Northwest television anchor and gardening show host, offers hundreds of inspirational tips, projects and ideas for reconnecting with one's femininity and becoming a more romantically authentic you. Johnson began writing when she realized her own flame had been "burning on the low side" for a while, and her narrative is guided by the premise that "women are by nature romantic, sensual beings." She doesn't believe that men are to blame when the romance fizzles, or that shifting one's thinking has great consequences in the relationship. Drawing on studies, relationship experts, personal observations and anecdotes, Johnson offers lots of advice, which ranges from the practical (getting enough sleep and turning off the phone) to the fun and light-hearted (making out in the car wash and buying temporary tattoos of your partner's name).
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