Jul 11, 2005

Dare Party: Rubicks Cube

The theme was 'Rubicks Cube' and it involved the following:
Everyone had to come dressed in the 6 plain colours of a Rubicks Cube (Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange) and during the night the idea was to swap clothes with other people at the party to try and become one colour and hence solve the puzzle. The invitation was sent out in the form of a rhyming poem explaining the rules briefly but concisely.

We had a changing room set up using a clothes screen and sheets to give people some privacy (only really needed at the beginning of the night!). Light bulbs were changed around the house to the various colours to create the mood, we made Vodka Jellies in the six colours and bought plastic cups and balloons to match. The centrepiece was a massive 3D cardboard Rubicks Cube on the wall. We also made a special Trophy for the winner using a fake Oscar with a Rubicks Cube and plaque stuck on the bottom.

The theme managed to break the ice for the many strangers there (I'll give you my scarfe if you give me your shorts!), and the laughter never ended - socks were swapped for hats, t-shirts were worn as diapers, boys didn't fit into girls little tops, and the multi-coloured light globes made it hard to decipher the colours at all!!

Strongly recommended to get your items at a second hand clothing store in case they get stretched out of shape, torn or just plain lost in the crazyness!! Also recommended to start with a layer of black light clothing (just like a Rubicks Cube!) followed by layer upon layer of colours. Have Fun!

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