Mar 23, 2009

iPhone and Internet Radio

If you didn't get the whole iphone and internet radio thing with us being added to itunes radio last week, I will explain it a little bit more.

With iTunes, you can listen to internet radio without actually visiting our home page. So technically you could have listened to us on your computer and iPhone before last week, by just going to and clicking the "listen live button". Now you can just skip that and pull up itunes on your computer or iphone and click on the radio tab on the left menu. You will get a list of internet radio station and categories. I think we are listed under three of them, but I know for sure we are under POP music. So click that and scroll down to and then click on our link to start listening.

Of course you can listen to us on any phone that has internet access, but the iphone makes it a little bit easier and I assume will handle the bandwidth necessary for internet radio. Our streaming audio only requires 64K download speed and there is a buffer, so if you temporarily lose the signal or slow down on the download speed, the music will keep playing.

I think this is going to be awesome for us at because the music we play is aimed at the 18-35 year old demo and is perfect for working out. I can totally picture someone plugging in the headphones to the iphone and listening to internet radio while running or working out. There are some portable internet radio players on the market too, but you would have to have a wireless internet connection to make the work. That means jogging is out of the question in most outdoor places. However with cell signals everywhere, phones will be a great resource and medium for internet radio. I think the technology and opportunity for internet radio will only continue to grow in the future and getting added to iTunes internet radio is a big step to make sure we take advantage of every chance we have to reach people.

If you have any suggestions about how or where we can broadcast the internet radio stream, please send me an email and help us out! We are a professional, full-time internet radio station, but the budget is lean and we could use all the help we can get to spread the word about us...

Thanks, and I will try to keep you up to date if I hear anything else about the iPhone and internet radio.

Michael "Romeo" Montague

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