Jan 5, 2009

Concert and Super Saturday Update

Got a couple of updates for you... First of all Saturday was awesome. I made it back from Arkansas just in time for the Paddy's show. Instead of kicking DJ C off the stage or taking the night off, we decided to join forces and do the first Karaoke Mixed DJ show. It was really fun! DJ C kicked the tunes and I hosted the the karaoke. The whole thing was a lot higher energy and felt cooler than the normal show. I think C and I are going to try and do this more often. If you know of any places that would be interested in this super show on Friday nights, send me an email. We are going to save it for special ocassions and holidays at Paddy's. Anyway, it was if you were not there you missed out on a sweet show.

Speaking of which, I am really excited about another sweet show coming to Kansas City. The Kings of Leon are coming to the Uptown Theater this month! It is an all ages show, and looks to be pretty good. If Your Sex Is On Fire, then you need to get your tickets now at the link below. This one will most likely sell out. I already got mine! See you there...

Kings of Leon did not disappoint with their show at the Tabernacle on
November 18. The sound was amazing and their showmanship even better. They
played most of their songs from their four albums, opening with "Closer" from
Only by the Night.

The crowd was energized and showed their love for the band by singing
along, dancing, cheering and whooping it up! KOL was appreciative, telling the
audience how much they loved Atlanta; how it was one of their favorite cities
and even asking to be adopted. Caleb said, "Some people in Nashville don't want
to have us as their band... maybe we can be your band!"

KOL further showed their appreciation by playing six songs after encore. It
was a great show!


Michael "Romeo" Montague

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