Dec 24, 2008

Next Stop 2009

I was just thinking about my plans for the next week or so, and I though people might need some ideas. First of all, have a merry Christmas and spend some time time with the fam this week.

After you have done that, you may want to find some stuff to do around KC:
  • Don't forget about the Plaza lights. I always like to make the trip down there at night at least once and year, and now is the perfect time.
  • This is a great Saturday to come out to Paddy's for karaoke and fun, 119th and Roe. Everyone will be back from school and done with family stuff, so it should be an awesome show...
  • Chiefs game Sunday in Cinci. Don't watch and pray we get a good new GM. We will probably win again finally though...
  • New Year's Eve we will be parting again at Paddy's but if you are looking for something nicer, check out Union Station for Next Stop 2009. Click the title above for more info. Cool event and helps keep the station up and running. Support KC!
  • New Year's Day, find some friends, make some bets, and watch a lot of football! Over eat too, it helps to ruin those resolutions on the first day. It is less stress that way...

Finally, if you get bored and haven't seen Jim Carey's new movie, YES MAN! then go do that this weekend. I saw it last Sat and it was HILARIOUS. Mikey likey and you will too.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year,

Michael "Romeo" Montague

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