Feb 19, 2007

KU's KC Update

Greetings from Kelly Urich, the most trusted name in hit music!

For those of you who've called and emailed about my Starbeams in the Kansas City Star, they will most likely appear in the Sunday paper's Hearne Christopher column. Technically, I'm supposed to write different stuff for Starbeams than I do for this newsletter. I'm spending a lot more time writing when you include the stuff I write for radio, Starbeams, this newsletter and all the stuff I write on highway overpasses.

It has been a cold, miserable week...

It was so cold...People in the East bottoms are trying to ignite more chemicals.
It was so cold...3 muggers here in Westport phoned in sick.
It was so cold...women at bitter ball needed defrosters just to cry...
It was so cold...the mice here at Mix were playing hockey in the toilet.
It was so cold...Monster Truck Lloyd was drinking HOT DAMN!

The Kansas City street crew salt supply is dwindling because of the massive amount of snow this winter.
**They say if it gets any worse they're going to have to dip into Rocket's margarita cabinet.

Quote of the week: Madonna - I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon, but I want to stay alive.
**I feel the same way about Anna Nicole.

Winner of the Best of Kansas City best Italian restaurant? Garozzo's. Award on the way. Thanks to the staggering number of people who voted! Next question. Best pizza in Kansas City? Vote at http://www.kellyurich.com/

The trend setting University of Kansas is spending $2.6 million to go wireless.
**They started a trend when they went braless in the 1970's.

Evolution is now being taught in Kansas Schools, a change after years of international ridicule. A survey shows nearly 20% of people in Kansas don't believe in dinosaurs.
**Even Fred Phelps believes in dinosaurs.
What are the odds you spot Fred Phelps wearing a Tim Hardaway jersey?

Another sign of a locally owned restaurant struggling with staying afloat. Stephenson's Old Apple Farm Restaurant closed Wednesday and messed up a lot of Valentine's Day reservations.
**That's why I always play it safe on Valentine's Day and go with a national chain like IHOP.

If you think American Idol is cool, but you would like to see a higher level of talent. Check me out as I host Harrah's Lucky Break #1 on TV on Saturday night. It will make you laugh... squirm and feel violated. KMBC 9 is the place.

Bad news for subscriber Tim Smith in Las Vegas... Vegas received top honors on the Men's Fitness fattest city list. Kansas City did not make the top ten this year. The healthiest city was Albuquerque.
**Kansas City has a real shot at taking healthiest city honors if Ryan Simms gets cut from the Chiefs.

Marty Schottenheimer was unexpectedly fired by the San Diego Chargers.
**Tanner's must have opened a bar in San Diego.

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