Jan 26, 2007

Party Idea:
Super Bowl Blast

Invitations help set the tone for any party. You can get fun football themed invitations at most gift stores. Or, why not try a personalized invitation from Party411's Creations for You? It works for the Super Bowl or any bowl game you might host! Contact the Custom Queen, for more information.

Need party favors that go with the theme? There are football whistles, football balloons, blowers and hand clackers for good and bad scores, and you know who knows what else. In our party store, you'll be able to find all sorts of football-themed paper goods...you may want to make a football shaped cake for dessert to go along with those dessert plates. Here are some more great ideas.

Frankly, this isn't a party to make yourself crazy over. Football conjures up a hopefully good game, some hopefully fabulous commercials, a few hours of great snacks and maybe dinner, plus the best excuse to let off steam--yelling, screaming, carrying on, throwing soft footballs at the screen, horsing around with your friends...and there's not much more to a party than that!

To stock up on your Super Bowl party supplies, look below for just some of what you'll find in our Party Shop. And for the latest scoop on Super Bowl trivia, players and news, try www.SuperBowl.com.

Kick it off by dressing for the color of the team that most of your guests will be rooting for. Then, fill the room with Mylar football balloons and latex balloons that match the colors. Make sure the buffet is screaming "football!" by using football-themed paper plates, cups and napkins and scattering football confetti here, there and everywhere (on any flat surface there is food--of course, that's my opinion!). At this writing, the party girl doesn't know which teams will square off—for information go to www.superbowl.com. You can use a custom banner to give your party the personal touch.

Football parties are great because your guests can use many of the decorations as toys. Give them some pompoms, football maracas , football whistles (if you can stand all the noise) and some soft rubber footballs they can throw at the TV or at each other. Save the coolest decoration for yourself….football eyeglasses.

For an overall look at what to serve, check out our Football Menus Then and Now or look at our Super Bowl Fiesta and Super Bowl Beach Party themes for other "first-down" ideas! Try our Mardi Gras menu for more ideas.

Taste of the NFL Restaurant Guide
You do not have to live in Detroit or travel to Super Bowl XL to enjoy Taste of the NFL food selections. You can be part of Taste of the NFL by purchasing the Restaurant Guide. Prepare the dishes served at Taste of the NFL in Detroit in your own kitchen. The new Restaurant Guide is packed with savory recipes, color photos of the featured dishes, TNFL chef and alumni player biographies and information about hunger agencies in every NFL city.

Have the beer iced and ready...and maybe, if you want to, make beer cup holders for your guests to wear around their necks, so they don't misplace their beer and take another one (gets expensive). Actually, before the game starts, try this great activity. Buy large plastic cups. Provide an ice pick or something that would make a hole large enough for a leather or rope necklace to go through, a magic marker so they can mark their cup with their name and yarn, leather or other material to use as a necklace.

Instead of the usual "football pool," do some other fun things that even non-Super Bowl fanatics can get into. Like pass out a history of the Super Bowl and of the football itself. At the bottom, insert a multiple choice "contest," and give football-themed gag gifts like a football mask or football stickers to all those who correctly answer the questions. Any information you could possibly need to help you compose this Q&A is right on the web with just a little research.

For the non-fans in the room, why not do a "player competition?" Give each one a form where they list the best looking player, which player has the best beard, who looks best in a helmet, shoulder pads, uniform and more. Tally the votes up at the end. Those who picked the popular player in each category should get some sort of gag gift (like an inflatable football hat). At least they will have a reason to watch the game!

Finally, for the sore losers, let them bat around a football piƱata after the game to get our frustrations! Fill it with foil-wrapped chocolate footballs and other goodies.