Dec 11, 2006

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Links Mentioned in the PartyCast:
Information on John Legend
Will Smith's Interview on "Pursuit of Happiness"
America’s Pub and Paddy O’Quigley’s Karaoke
Kansas City Concerts and Live Music

The Second City: First Family of Comedy, PBS
PBS presents a retrospective of the comedy troupe, which was founded in Chicago in the late 1950s. In the '70s, the troupe was known primarily as the breeding ground for the first cast of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," a role that's continued to the present day. The special features interviews with actors and directors involved with the troupe over the last few decades. (Check local listings)

Special Holiday Party Ideas
Over the door to the room where the event will be held have a welcome sign wishing everyone a Happy Holiday.

Your centerpieces can be a fabulous tier of candy-filled gift boxes, elegantly wrapped and tied off with bows and ribbons. Beautiful Christmas balloons of gold and silver attach to the top of the tier to fill the room. Number each box of candy; a corresponding number is placed under each plate so that guests can each take home a "gift."

Put Snowman Votive Holder on each table. Have silver and gold stars strewn on the tablecloth around the bottom of the centerpiece. And, speaking of tablecloths, use black linens with black napkins and decorate the tablecloths with the sun, moon, and shooting stars.
At each place setting, fill a balloon with a small gift, confetti, and candy. Tie each balloon off with gold and silver ribbon. Place 2 single-use cameras on each table so the guests can snap each other as they pop their balloons.