Nov 8, 2006

Hump Day Humor

A recorded Bill Clinton called and asked me to vote a straight Democratic ticket. As opposed, I suppose, to a gay Democratic ticket. Before I decide, I'm waiting to see if a recorded George W. Bush calls. I like recorded politicians. They never get mad no matter what I call them. (HaBlog)

Actually, you can't help but wonder, if Republicans win, who they'll attack to celebrate. (HaBlog)

Election Day is the day we hope we vote intelligently and the candidates hope we don't. (HaBlog)

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. Iraqi officials expect an increased rash of violence. But after a few days, the country should return to its normal rash of violence. (Alan Ray)

During his sentencing, Saddam Hussein repeatedly shouted at the judge and interrupted anyone else who wanted to talk. If he can get a reprieve, he'd have a heck of a career as a right-wing radio host. (Jake Novak)

Reporters say that Saddam’s lawyers will appeal his sentence and that reaching a final verdict might take years. Coincidentally this Monday Dick Cheney is going hunting with Saddam’s lawyers. (Pedro Bartes)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has raised $113 million in just three years. Most of that came from Hollywood executives who were donating to keep him from doing "Jingle All the Way II." (Jim Barach)

Willie Nelson has come out and said horses are smarter than people. What . . . . he like saw Trigger's S-A-T's? (Larry Crippen)

A special plea to the news media: On Election Night, please, please don't interview all the candidates. We've heard too much from them already. (HaBlog)

Have you noticed? All the candidates say exactly the same thing during each channel's "exclusive" interviews. (HaBlog)