Oct 6, 2006

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Sam's Town

Release Date: October 03, 2006
Producer(s): Flood, Alan Moulder
Genre: ROCK
Label: Island Def Jam

Sometimes more is better—and that's certainly the case with "Sam's Town," a lollapalooza of cinematic soundscapes that dashes any fears, or dare we say expectations, of a sophomore slump. The Las Vegas quartet still proudly wears its British New Wave influences on its sleeve. But they're presented in a manner that's stylistically undated and given their own character by Brandon Flowers' keening vocals and the interplay between his keyboards and Dave Keuning's versatile guitar work. Produced by Flood and Alan Moulder, "Sam's Town" is a sophisticated sonic metropolis whose best songs—the title track, "Bling (Confession of a King)," "Uncle Jonny," "Bones" and the single "When You Were Young"—are powerful modern rock anthems that may someday yield their particular influences on younger bands.

—Gary Graff, www.billboard.com