Oct 17, 2006

Kevin Federline Gets Body Slammed at a WWE Event

Kevin Federline made his acting debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday, and on Sunday, he made his debut as a WWE wrestler – sort of.

By Oliver Jones

Federline, 28, turned up at L.A.'s Staples Center for the taping of a match due to air on the USA Network's Monday Night Raw on Oct. 16. Introduced as the "A-list friend" of bad guy Johnny Nitro, Federline played the villain as he walked to the ring amid boos from the crowd.

"Same people who are booin' me now buy my picture on the cover of magazine," he told the audience. "Y'all want to hear my rap?" When the boos continued, he replied, "Well, you're going to have to wait until my record drops in October."

At that point, WWE champion John Cena came out, taunting Federline in classic wrestling smack-talking style with such lines as, "The album is called Playing With Fire? They should call it The Biggest Scumbag on Earth!" and "You're less talented than Paris Hilton!"

In response, Federline made a comment about wanting to see Cena's rear end dragged around the ring. Then the 6' 1", 240-lb. Cena pretended to shake Federline's hand before lifting him in the air and dropping him to the mat in a body slam.

Federline writhed on the canvas while a team of referees rolled him out of the ring and then helped him backstage, but by the time he exited, he was walking just fine.

Also in attendance at the match were Nick and Aaron Carter and members of the bands ZZ Top, Three 6 Mafia and Motörhead – none of whom were body slammed.