Oct 18, 2006

Hump Day Humor

So -- the goofy little guy who's the president of North Korea has a nuclear bomb. We all thought the end of the world would be like a horror movie. It turns out it'll be more like an Austin Powers movie. Toms Lake Humor Company

North Korea conducted a nuclear test and the blast was so small that many scientists are saying it was a dud. Apparently, the nuclear bomb didn't work well because it was made in Korea. Conan O'Brien

The Foley scandal is taking its toll on Dennis Hastert. Apparently, the Speaker of the House only gained 20 pounds this week. Pedro Bartes

A Michigan woman has been trying to sell a mummy on eBay. Unfortunately, Halloween mummy sales are a little slow, giving police time to stop the sale. It might have sold much faster if she'd waited a month and called it a Christmas mummy. HaBlog

The Muppets have made a new video that shows children in Afghanistan how to spot land mines and avoid danger. They are now going to make a video for the U.S. for congressional pages.Jim Barach

Mel Gibson, interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, denied the rumor sweeping Malibu that he's drinking again. It's a dead giveaway every time he plays those German marching songs on the car stereo with the top down. Argus Hamilton

A study says overweight adults have poorer memories. Obese people tend to question routine habits. “Let’s see, did I order one Wendy’s Triple, or two?” Alan Ray

Madonna and her husband adopted a motherless 1-year-old boy in Malawi on Thursday. The couple made the trip after efforts fizzled to adopt a mummy on eBay. HaBlog