Jul 19, 2005

Will Ya Do It For A Dollar? Party (Adult)

We sent out invitations with this warning:

You are invited ...To our Will Ya Do It Fer A Dollar? Party

Bring $10 for the winners pot, an ATTITUDE, and your fearless WICKED alter ego. Deranged Guests Welcomed with open arms.

This is an exceptionally good medium (20-50) sized houseparty. The key to success with this event is inviting the right crowd they have to be a fun & fairly uninhibited group. This is NOT a good party for your coworkers! Its also definitely not a family-friendly party.

When guests arrive, at the door, each guest gets $25 of "play" money (we pasted over Washingtons picture with our party icon - a mischievous looking gremlin, which was also on the invite - and made copies on brightly colored paper), and puts $10 of real money in the hat.

These rules are posted when you come in:
1. Everyone gets $25 at the door (and puts 10 REAL$ in the Pot)
2. Do stuff for people to get their $
3. Be Wild. Be Creative. Anything someone will pay for is Fair Game. Name your price.
4. Whoever has the most $ by Midnight Wins
(The Winner gets The Pot; Runner Up gets Two gold tickets to AMC)

For drinks, this is a cocktail party. We put out a full liquor selection, and every mixer/topper we could think of. We had a book of cocktail recipes, so people could earn money by mixing/getting drinks (next time we host this event, well do neo-Martinis, the new martinis are a lot of fun & very popular). It's always important to also provide soda & bottled water for the designated drivers. We also provided a karaoke set-up in one room.

We made big posters with these suggestions, which we hung several places around the house:

What Can I Do For A Dollar?

  • Refresh my drink, darling
  • Tell everyone at the party how wonderful I am
  • Insult the host
  • Rub my back, baby
  • Admit to your spouse that youve finally decided to come OUT of the closet
  • Sing so we can ALL hear it, dear
  • Go in the kitchen and make me a snack, sweetheart
  • Probe Me (mix me a Vulcan Mind Probe, that is)
  • Get a sexy book from the library. Read a passage out loud.
  • Make a prank phone call
  • Dance, fool
  • Kiss my bare ass (this just might be more than a buck)
  • Give everyone a big hug, you party animal
  • Do a shot, or a Blowjob (thats a drink, you animal)
  • Go upstairs. Come down dressed in drag
  • Share with us all your Most Embarrassing Moment Ever
At midnight, those competitive & uninhibited souls who've collected substantial stashes have their $ counted, and prizes are awarded. This party was absolutely amazing. We throw many parties - this is one of my favorites.

Some of the stuff people did .. give short ballroom dancing lessons, foot & back massages, reading erotic poetry, flashing .. a couple of times, a small group gathered and everybody would chip a "buck" or two into a pot, and then tell their most embarrassing story, or wildest sexual experience, or the most exciting adventure they had, and the best story would get the pot.

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